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Foil Lid Inspector Machine

Powered by Camsensor - Vision that Works 

Camsensor - Our Machine Vision Partner


Machine Makers partners with Camsensor Technologies to bring advanced vision analysis of the bottle rim

With the full support of the Camsensor team, you know your vision support will be well looked after!

How it works

The machine is placed over the existing production line. Each Foil lid is visually inspected 24/7.

Foil lid is checked for presence, alignment to the pottle, and tears/holes

The pottle can be rejected within the machine or diverted via a reject conveyor downstream

The Machine

The machine is built from sealed stainless steel

All controls are mounted in the control system built into the machine

A 15" Touchscreen console is mounted on the front to select the product, configure the system and display inspection data and production performance

All failures images are logged to a built in database

Operating Conditions

Speed: Up to 20,000 Pottles / Hour

Type: Foil top

Height Variation: To suit

Height Adjustment: Fixed

Colours: Foil, with little or no printing

Measurement Performance

Camera Resolution: 0.1mm per Pixel

Tear Size: > 2 mm2

Alignment error: > 1 mm off centre

Hole Size: > 2mm2 or 2 mm Dia

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