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Our Machines

Partnering with Camsensor Technologies - it's Machine Vision that works. 


Foil Lid Inspection Machine

For visual automated inspection of foil lidded product containers. This may include pet food foil lids, desert puddings in pottles with a foil lid. This tests the foil lid is present, placed correctly on the container and is not ripped or torn. In some cases it will also inspect for product leakage.


Clear Seal Inspection Machine

For visual inspection of clear seal containers such as soup pottles, snack biscuit packs, cheese snack packs.

Note: Inspection is only possible if the seal area is clear plastic.

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 8_edited.png

Wine Bottle Screwcap Machine

With the uptake of screw cap bottles, the seal surface on the top of the bottle neck has never been so important to maintain the integrity of the wine

Machine Makers, partnering with Camsensor Technologies bring you advanced vision inspection of the rim. The machine can be easily placed over your existing bottling line.

Our Partners


We partner with NZ's most innovative machine vision company to provide robust vision solutions.

Factory backing of all our systems by NZ Based machine engineers, means support is always there if you need it


Design Wire build all our control systems to the highest wiring standards

Automation is  by Automation systems, so you have all your Machine Making bases covered!


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