Machine Makers specialises in CNC manufacturing, with all new CNC machinery from HAAS, ensuing accuracy and speed of manufacture


CNC Machining

5 Axis Machining

To build manufacture to a world class standard we use world class machines. Our operation with the latest Haas  UMC-750 5 axis CNC machine allows us to make specalised parts that are normally to difficult to produce in a traditional 3 axis machine.


The advantages and features of using 5 axis machining is evident in a variety of ways. The automatic tool setting allows for high accuracy. In addition, the in machine product probing ensures consistent production every time. The machine's ability to turn 6 operation into two operations overall gives the capability of higher throughput and accuracy.



With expertise in TIG, MIG & Arc welding, our fabrication shop can make anything! From precision work through to larger structural fabrication, we do it all.  


Part of making products is assembling to exacting and consistent standards. 

Product Development

With over 180 years of combined engineering experience, we have all the skills to develop your products, from design, manufacture, automation and programming

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